Start Options for updating kitchen cabinets

Options for updating kitchen cabinets

Will spent 6.5 hours reviewing and updating our marketing materials — the listing, canned responses, open house material, etc., plus replying to a few emails about the triplex. Finally, we spent 45 minutes coordinating lawn care and pest control on House #1 (the triplex).

Brand new, for you Timeless design that'll never go out of style, SONGESAND is our new bedroom collection, complete with rounded edges, scratch resistance and easy assembly.

See the entire collection Here's to tidiness Whether it's been organising a kitchen, tidying a hallway or updating a home office, our IVAR storage system has helped to keep homes in order for 50 wonderful years.

But over the years, I’ve heard many readers voice misconceptions about rental investing, ranging from as good as many people assume. We dug into the business coffers, spending several G’s upgrading House #2. ) We also invested 2.5 hours replying to emails and calls related to the newly-renovated House #4.

To quash these myths, I decided to publicly disclose the income, expenses and hours per month that we spend managing our rentals. Here are the numbers, laid bare for your amusement: Total Expenses: $14,744.84 This means …. Meanwhile, House #2 became vacant, so we planned a kitchen, bath and whole-house-flooring upgrade.

They sold wood semi-stock cabinets at an equivalent price as IKEA’s stock particleboard cabinets. Conversely, if you ask for $1 million per month, your occupancy will plummet to zero. After expenses, the properties bottom-line (net cash flow) roughly $3,000 – $6,000 in a typical month (when we’re not renovating).

(Unless you own an ultra-luxe house, in which case, call me.) The question isn’t “could this upgrade increase the rent? We average 3 to 5 hours per month (1 hour per week) managing this portfolio. Rental properties give us the freedom to stop worrying about day-to-day expenses. Personally, I’m a Type-A serial entrepreneur — that’s how I’m wired — and now I can take risks and embrace failure, without feeling pressure to put food on the table.

We managed this project by text message from California and Brazil. Meanwhile, this happened — _____ In today’s article, I’ll dive deep into how to save thousands on kitchen renovations. “Kitchen renovations” is a giant topic, and I’d rather go deep than wide.

Today we’re managing the House #2 renovation from Nevada and Nepal. We listened to the contractor’s recommendations, approved everything that sounded reasonable, and … So this article will focus specifically on how to save hundreds on cabinets, countertops and flooring.

Three months ago, we finished a $13,000 remodel on Rental House #4.

We’re as far away from the properties as possible (without visiting Mars.) (Yet.) Here’s a recent sleep-deprived snapshot after a red-eye to Shanghai: are not the same species. For example, we’ve started using the same paint color on every property — a strategy that minimizes waste, reduces tracking and streamlines touchups.

You’ll get a fuller picture, I hope, through this first-person case study. One word of commentary, though, about the past few months — We’re reinvesting, and this yields negative cash flow in the short-term. You might spend years building a website, product or service before it’s profitable. You might invest years into gaining the education and skills that evoke the promise of a better life.