Start Questions to ask someone new you are dating

Questions to ask someone new you are dating

[Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for a sexy night] #2 Would you rather cheat on me with your ex or with someone you’ve never been sexually intimate with before?

/ Being a guy, would you rather have anal sex with another guy or get a blow job from another guy?

#17 If you’re really horny and couldn’t hold on, would you rather have your pet lick you down there or a complete stranger?

#18 Would you rather have period sex or a golden shower where you let me pee over you?

] #16 Would you rather have anal sex with me or get penetrated by me and another friend at the same time?

[Read: How to make long term sex feel like a sexy one night stand all the time] The next time you’re playing a game of would you rather questions, instead of asking mundane questions that may gross your partner out or make them laugh, ask questions that are sexy and fun, and yet, very revealing about their attitude towards sex and relationships.

As long as you keep the atmosphere light and easy, and have a laugh with each new question, you’ll know more about your lover’s sexual side within the next fifteen minutes than you’ve ever know before!

[Read: How to ride a man and look sexy doing it] #12 Would you rather kiss an attractive person when they’re drunk with you, or wait until they’re totally wasted so you can see them in the nude?