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Some stories graphically describe sexual acts including intercourse, masturbation, BDSM, rape, and more.

Similar functionality has been available on i OS for some time, but it’s a boost for Android users.

The feature is currently only available on the beta version of Whats App, but that’s easy to access. The Independent's bitcoin group on Facebook is the best place to follow the latest discussions and developments in cryptocurrency.

Almost every story includes at least one instance of "f--k" or "s--t," with some stories featuring very large amounts of explicit language.

There are examples of almost every explicit word across the content library.

That guy…one closer to your values, well, he takes his time, too. He might think you expect a shirtless pic right at the beginning!

He may worry that you won’t think him confident or attractive enough.____Men like that have been programmed to believe that they finish last. Pay attention to the men who respect your limits and look for the ones who don’t use sex talk to get your attention.

Many stories graphically describe violent acts such as assault, murder, torture, rape, or otherwise scary situations.