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I like to call it a shackle, make it sound a little tougher than it is. They have been in this position many, many times before. GRACE: Again, everyone, with us tonight, our special "Star Chamber." In addition to former judge, Congressman Ted Poe, we also have Congressman John Carter out of Williamson County, Texas, also a former judge. But I`ve got to tell you, we see a lot of weird stories, a lot of different kinds of crime. Right now, they`re charged in federal court with insurance fraud. You know, there are upwards of 70,000 homeless people in L. It`s probably a pretty good bet, if you take an insurance policy out on one of them, they`re likely to reach an early demise, so it may just be a simple insurance case, not a homicide case. The families of the deceased men -- at least in one case -- were completely clueless about who these women were and how they managed to enter their relative`s life. GRACE: With us is Jeffrey Ressner with "Time" magazine. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) GRACE: Little Reachelle Smith was taken from her North Dakota home by a 22-year-old man posing as her father. GRACE: No offense, lady, but why did you wait four days to report the girl missing? But don`t you worry, to Lay and Skilling, we`re holding a vigil here on the set for you.

She was, by a former Nebraska governor (INAUDIBLE) GRACE: So OK, she was not elected. GRACE: Jim, do you have elections for judges there? You just said they`re retained or not retained during an election.

So this woman got put on the bench, a political appointee, by the governor. Everyone, we are talking about a convicted child molester that this judge, Judge Cecava, gives straight probation. He`s accused of raping a little girl, a 12-year-old little girl. HEDLEY: Originally, there were seven charges in this case. Two of those cases were in question as to what date they occurred, so they were dropped immediately.

(END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: I just wonder what the good people of Sidney, Nebraska, are thinking now.

He`s the editor of "The Sidney Sun-Telegraph." Welcome. But Jim, tell me the facts leading up to the judge -- now, how do you pronounce her name, Jim?

HEDLEY: First of all, this man is a friend of mine.

GRACE: A romantic lakeside vacation turns deadly when a 37-year-old woman goes along with her husband`s idea for a romantic reconciliation.

HEDLEY: I was not living in my community when she was appointed.

HEDLEY: Judges are retained or not retained during an election.

A guy is accused of raping a 12-year- old little girl, and you find out a judge, a sitting judge on the trial bench, thinks that it`s OK to give straight probation? GRACE: Well, it`s my understanding it will be appealed.

JIM HEDLEY, EDITOR, "SIDNEY SUN-TELEGRAPH": I thought it was a joke, too, and I was right in the courtroom. This is not representative of the community I live in. GRACE: Aren`t you a little embarrassed -- I mean, I would be -- that this would happen in your hometown? Hopefully, this sentence will be appealed very shortly.

The judge says he`s too short, 5-foot-1, and she`s afraid he would be picked on behind bars. And tonight: Pedal to the metal for two very attractive grannies, these two sexy seniors suspected of taking in a string of men who all end up dead after mysterious hit-and-runs. Both women were linked to the hit-and-run deaths of two men in two separate incidents nearly six years apart.