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“If they wanted to take advantage of higher prices in the future, smaller stores would have bought more,” Cua said. But they weren’t exactly in the mood to relish their good luck.

Demand for instant food items have surged since these can be prepared and consumed easily, Cua said.

These food items can also be transported with minimal difficulty should consumers be forced to relocate and/or leave their homes in case of floods, he added.

My task at Aleck’s wake, while easy, was both a curse and a privilege. Too bad we weren’t able to see each other one final time.

It helped me get in touch with other friends I haven’t seen in decades but it also emphasized that the instant reunion was brought about by Alecks’ demise — an eventuality that he was prepared to face even before he knew his time was up. In any case, I’ll always remember you, Alecks — inside and outside Facebook.

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Thank you again to everybody supporting Pokemon in East-Central Illinois!

In the meantime, demand for candles, batteries, and flashlights was spurred by rumors that the Manila Electric Co.