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“I’m requesting these records for doing my own analysis for picking videos to request,” the man wrote in an email obtained by The Seattle Times.

A year-long study in Rialto, California, found that police officers who wore body cameras had half as many ‘use of force’ incidents during their shifts as those that did not.

The activist, known only by his email handle, [email protected], had made a simple demand.

He wanted every video ever captured by Seattle police car dashboard cameras, as well as all the videos from a new body camera pilot project.

Considering that most clips are at least 10 minutes long, [email protected]’s demand represented thousands of person-years, and hundreds of millions of dollars, of work.

“There was no way we could redact that much data within our lifetimes,” says Wagers.

A photographer working on a story threw a camera around Ward’s neck and set it to shoot a stream of pictures as Ward hurtled down a hill near the city’s touristy Pioneer Square.

“Dashcams were just starting to catch on and I thought, what are we doing?

Caught between the devil of federal anger and the deep blue sea of financial ruin, the SPD seemed to be out of options.