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Dating game books natalie standiford

School Library Journal, January 2016 Gr 3-6Ten-year-old Claire Warren has a rocky start to the school year.

It also becomes more dangerous, making Laura wonder whether Alyoshas affection is sincere.

The desperation behind the Iron Curtain is dramatically portrayed as Laura witnesses the restrictions Alyosha and his friends endure.

Although Lavenders and Scarlets birthdays are on the same day, their lives are polar opposites.

Scarlet reigns as a popular girl at their middle school, while Lavenders status falls much lower on the social scale.

Readers will laugh out loud and emerge from the story satisfied with the cheerful resolution.

Kirkus Reviews, December 18, 2013 A wish, a shared birthday and some theater magic transform the lives of two young teens.

These children are far too real to let their captivating tales end here.

-Lisa Von Drasek (Click the title link above for more reviews.) *Publishers Weekly, September 6, 2010 Standiford (How to Say Goodbye in Robot) sets up an enticing premise: the Sullivans' ber-rich grandmother, Almighty, has written the entire family out of her inheritance because one of the eight-member clan has offended her.

Unless the guilty party confesses satisfactorily, her millions will go to charity (and not just any charity: Puppy Ponchos, which "provided rain ponchos for the dogs of people too poor to buy dog raincoats for themselves").

Thus begins a delightful tale in which the three Sullivan sisters pour their hearts, souls, and deepest secrets into letters to Almighty.

Dubbed a robot by her emotionally unstable mother after she fails to manifest sufficient heartbreak over the death of their gerbil, Bea meets pale, withdrawn Jonah, maliciously called Ghost Boy by their peers.