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The Adoptees Bill of Rights has been a work in progress for 10 years in New York.

The Congress gathering itself encompassed formal and personal introductions, the development of broad goals for the organization, and then the creation of committees focused on specific spheres of activity for the organization going forward.

My adoptive parents were told that she was a “young girl.” Also conveniently left out of my adoption file, and therefore my non-identifying information, was the fact that I had six older brothers and sisters.

After me, two sisters were born, one in December 1950 whom my adoptive parents were asked to adopt but declined, and the other in July 1954. I have since been reunited with my youngest sister, thanks to the NYS Adoption Information Registry, but the sister my adoptive parents were asked to adopt remains a stranger to me and remained a secret that I discovered only after both of my adoptive parents’ deaths.

“I was hoping that we would come together as a group, recognizing that we have more similarities than differences, and would unveil a national agenda to help shift the paradigm on how international adoptees are viewed within the international adoption community.

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