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The chat archive tool (in website chat for Word Press) uses rich filtering options to trace conversations.

In a business, web chats increase sales and improves the conversion rate of customers to potential buyers.

They permit real time communication between two participants via the internet.

Having a chat on a website increases its usability and functionality. In addition, they facilitate the transfer of data or messages between different departments and increases sales.

To use this service, you need to add your website (domain) to your account at

After adding the site to your control panel at, your chat will be signed with a safety API key and automatically activated for all visitors of your website.

Website chat: supports sales, customer support, live chat assistance, live help desk & Free Chat Plugin.

This is a Free Online Live Chat Plugin with free Service or paid Service: Online Live Chat for Websites Word Press Chat Software to monitor and chat with website visitors, which surfing your store/website in real-time.

It is a pre-made online answers worksheet to popular questions asked on a live chat.