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In addition to numerous smaller lakes that are generally aligned in a north-south orientation, two large lakes - larger Lake Vanern and Lake Vattern - can be seen toward the northern edge of the photograph.

For example, we can see the beauty of flowers, landscapes, the sky...

Deep water appears dark blue, shallow water appears bright blue, vegetation appears green, and developed or paved areas appear white.

Several white specks in the waters of the Strait are boats or ships. The Wrangel and Stenbock Palaces and the Riddarholmen Church in central Stockholm.

" But the beauty can be different, and it is widely known that the beauty can be inner and outward.

There are a lot of single women all around the world and it is noticeable by men, but how about what stays unnoticeable by most of men.

Phytoplankton are microscopic marine plants that form the first link in nearly all ocean food chains.

Population explosions, or blooms, of phytoplankton, like the one shown here, occur when deep currents bring nutrients up to sunlit surface waters, fueling the growth and reproduction of these tiny plants. In 1991, the governments of Denmark and Sweden agreed to build a bridge to connect the two countries across the Oresund Strait.

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