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Joining me now to talk about it is RT correspondent Brigida Santos.

Following his graduation from Harvard Law School, Judge Posner clerked for Justice William J. From 1963 to 1965, he was assistant to Commissioner Philip Elman of the Federal Trade Commission.

There was nobody saying, “Look, I’m here with you, you know, we’ll work through this together.” This case …

But now we see that changing, now we see, you know, whether it’s, you know, a reporter in the Al Franken case, somebody who Roy Moore knew in Alabama, whether this character on Wall Street.

There should be support for these women and say, “Yes, go do this now.” But this is another classic case of a rich, powerful person thinking that he can get away with what he wants.

These stories are all about non-consensual sex acts like we saw with Harvey Weinstein.

It always turns when somebody having enough courage to come forward first.

And you know, what’s wrong with that, is it should have happened a lot, it should happen a long time ago.

And then the next time somebody thinks that maybe they’re so powerful, maybe their political position makes them so important.