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“Rip–off charges have no place in a modern Britain and that’s why card charging in Britain is about to come to an end,” the economic secretary to the Treasury, Stephen Barclay, said at the time.

The online takeaway delivery company had previously added a 50p charge to card transactions but from now all customers will have to pay it.

A spokesperson for Just Eat said the company’s new approach was introduced to make its system fairer.

Saturday’s changes, however, are part of UK law so will remain in place even after Brexit.

Consumer advice site that all big retailers were likely to continue accepting card payments after the changes come into effect, but it also noted that some smaller businesses might struggle to absorb the new costs.

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Companies and service providers will no longer be allowed to charge customers for using a credit or debit card under a new law coming into effect on Saturday In July last year the Government unveiled its intention to introduce the ban, saying that up until now shoppers across the UK were being charged up to 20 per cent extra when paying by card for something like a flight.

It said at the time that while many industries had already acted to absorb the costs and not pass these on to consumers, the new rules will bring an end to the practice entirely.

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Some already appear to be trying to get around the new costs by raising other service fees.