Start Updating bdp s300

Updating bdp s300

(In my opinion, at least for the foreseeable future, all BD playback comparisons should at least include some cursory comparison of the PS3 as it’s undeniably the most used BD playback device in service.) While the PS3 is indeed a “good” Blu-ray player, it isn’t necessarily the end all in BD playback.

I’d never noticed just how much detail is present in the scene, overall resolution certainly doesn’t seem to be one of the BDP-S300’s shortcomings.

Back from lunch we watched a bit of Hellboy, which looked excellent sans a bit of macro-blocking in several of the scenes with explosions, overall however the image was quite nice.

It actually made me want to finish the film which is more than I can say for previous viewings.

It appears as if fully functional Ethernet connectivity will only be mandated with players conforming to profile 2.0 aka BD-Live, at the risk of beating a dead horse, no 2.0 compliant BD playback devices are currently available.