Start Accomodating people with learning disabilities

Accomodating people with learning disabilities

It also earns rave reviews from serious roller coaster enthusiasts and families with young children.

Some of these are big-name parks with multiple locations, others are small, family-owned parks highly rated by theme park aficionados.

A big bonus is that the whole family can have a great time at a fraction of the cost of a Disney vacation.

Legoland Windsor, located in the United Kingdom about 50 minutes west of downtown London, offer a Ride Access Pass to guests with disabilities.

The Ride Access Pass allows the guest with up to 3 companions to bypass the queues on 10 rides in a single day.

Guests with disabilities can receive a Courtesy Pass at the first aid station, which will allow the individual and up to 3 companions to bypass all lines and enter the rides through the exit gate.

Picnic pavilions are available to all guests on the grounds, and there is a campground adjacent to the park.

Quite understandably, this news is very upsetting to individuals with disabilities and their families, who – like my own family – often plan their vacations around theme parks.