Start Dating men in wheelchairs

Dating men in wheelchairs

I wish there was a way to prevent that, but abusers get a lot of help in this society to do their thing.

Putting aside evolutionary psychological nonsense about hip and breast sizes, it’s clear that the image of the ‘ideal’ woman is culturally created and sustained, and has differed throughout history and across different cultures.

And, worse, abusers specialise in disorientating/confusing/pressuring their targets to make them lose contact with their gut instincts, or twist them around.

But there’s still a qualitative difference for me between the gut feeling of confronting my own internal contradictions/oppressiveness, and the feeling of someone else trying to pry me open or twist me around in an abusive way.

The phrase ‘compulsory heterosexuality’ has been in use for some time but I’d like to extend this ‘compulsory sexuality’ to cover a wider (or I could say narrower) number of axes of attraction.