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Github gravatar not updating

Many sites use Gravatars, including Word Press, Stack Overflow and Git Hub.

Gravatars are avatars that are tied to your email address.

Gravatar, acquired in 2007, is a service owned and operated by Automattic that allows you to assign profile images to email addresses.

These images are used automatically when registering an account on sites or services that support Gravatar.

Change email lets you to update your email address. Change Timezone lets you adjust the timezone that Libib will use for your account details.

Share on Twitter will auto-post any of your status’ as well as your libib posts to your Twitter account.

Avatar Kit provides dynamic avatars for Drupal 8 entities.

It can be used to provide unique avatars for users when they have not uploaded one themselves.

Do not make the keys public as it will compromise your account.