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The Monica Abbott Scholarship is specifically designed for female athletes that show leadership on the field, in the classroom and more importantly to their peers.

In Court of Queen's Bench Thursday, Klaus was grilled by Frank's defence lawyer Tonii Roulston as she tried to tear apart his story piece by piece. I completely disagree with you." "Then you started the fire to cover up your actions," she continued. The 41-year old continued to insist Frank shot his family without his knowledge.

“The fact of the matter is there was nobody at risk, there was nothing illegal about the [man] asking a girl, who he believed to be of age, [if she] was single and no minor was ever used or was asked to be used to lure a predator.” The teen’s father, who RDNews Now has chosen not to identify to protect his daughter’s identity, also provided a statement.

“I can confirm the [man] did message my daughter and after further reading through my daughter’s phone I found [her] lying about her age on her profile,” he said.

She suggested Klaus was the only one responsible for the deaths of his parents and sister. He said he only found out about it days after the murders.