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Michael vartan dating 2016

Under the terms of the Armistice of Mudros, the Ottomans agreed to pull their troops out of the Transcaucasus to make way for British occupation at the close of the First World War.

In January 1990 Nakhchivan declared independence from the USSR to protest against the suppression of the national movement in Azerbaijan, and became the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic within the newly independent Republic of Azerbaijan a year later.

The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is an autonomous area of Azerbaijan, governed by its own elected legislature. The 19th-century language scholar Johann Heinrich Hübschmann wrote that the name "Nakhichavan" in Armenian literally means "the place of descent", a Biblical reference to the descent of Noah's Ark on the adjacent Mount Ararat.

As a result of archaeological diggings, archaeologists discovered a great number of materials, which belong to the Stone Age, in different corners of Nakhchivan, particularly in Gazma Cave (Sharur District).

Additionally, these materials were useful to study the Paleolithic age in Azerbaijan.

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