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In some fermentations, important by-products such as alcohol or various gases are also produced.

Note: Most of the textual references to publications issued before 1874 and not directly related to soyfoods do not have a corresponding citation in our bibliography. Fermentation is the chemical transformation of organic substances into simpler compounds by the action of enzymes, complex organic catalysts, which are produced by microorganisms such as molds, yeasts, or bacteria.

In the Tianshan, ophiolitic mélanges like Kanggurtag, North Tianshan, and South Tianshan occur as part of some Paleozoic accretionary complexes related to amalgamation of arc terranes.

In the Beishan there are also several ophiolitic mélanges, including the Hongshishan, Xingxingxia–Shibangjing, Hongliuhe–Xichangjing, and Liuyuan ophiolitic units.

While microorganisms are the most intimate friends of the food industry, they are also its ceaseless adversaries.