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Piss sex dates

” I blurted out, astonished that she had known that.“Did you do it, too? Her body was also somehow fuller and more sexy — without her having gained a pound in weight. The nipples pressing into my thighs were upright and urgent now, denting my flesh with their rubbery hardness.“Jeez, Jenny,” I whispered. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long.”“Me, too, honey, but not right now,” she said, her tongue slipping out to swipe over the magic inch just under my piss-slit. She opened wide, taking more than half of my throbbing thickness between her nibbling lips.

The apartment was owned by one of the team boosters. All of twenty- one now, Jenny had colored her hair. The long curls fell around her shoulders, framing that angelic face I had seen on the succubus haunting so many of my horny dreams.

I couldn’t see much of her body, but what little I did see looked nice — really nice.

She now had much more skin that needed a coating of tanning oil. I liked touching the back of her sexy frame, but I pushed it until I was actually rubbing the more interesting side. Jenny’s firm, heavy, nicely tanned boobs were the first ones I ever touched. I was pretty good at football in high school, and they’re providing me with a full-ride scholarship here.

I’m a real freshman, not one of those red-shirt guys, but I started every game this year. House-sitting — for as long as I kept catching footballs, that is. When I opened the door for my big sister on that night two months ago, she was even more lovely than my memories of her.

” I groaned.“I’m gonna suck you off,” she mewled, squirming delightfully between my thighs. I tried to stay still, but I had to push my cock up, driving it into her mouth, practically fucking my sister’s face. I started to stroke in and out of her silky fuck-hole in time with her upward thrusts.

Jenny purred, pumping her head in time with my thrusts. Even with this first fuck, Jenny knew the perfect thing to do — for both of us. That fiery, pink slash between her legs sucked the juice out of my body. From what I can see, her grades are going to be a hell of a lot higher than mine, too. But when we return home, behind our locked doors, I love my older sister — and she loves me back.

The towel fought a battle with her supple, young body.

The rough material seemed to caress her creamy-white tits. While I was just entering college, she moved out west to live with some guy.

She let me lotion her back when the folks were out. I made the same offer, and to my surprise, Jenny said that she would be arriving at my apartment the next night — if it was okay with me.

Her old, black, one-piece suit evolved into as skimpy bikini, usually with the top untied. I was attending college about a thousand miles from our family home.

“It was kinda fun, though, knowing that you were so excited by me.”“I guess,” I stammered, my eyes locked on her visible nipples.“No,” she insisted. I knew that I was making you all worked up over me. ” I gasped.“Mmmm,” she purred, sinking into the couch, her hand somehow over on my thigh before I actually realized it. I remember when I let you put lotion on my titties that first time. Her tongue was insistent, worming into my mouth and fighting an intertwining battle with my own. She opened her blouse, showing me those beautiful tits of hers. Our next kiss was skin to skin, her tits mashing into my chest. She had me naked in seconds, and then her own clothing followed, joining in the pile near the couch. My big sister was sucking on my prick — not just sucking, but making love to me with her mouth.